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The term “Sustainable Technology” or “Cleantech” describes technologies that

enable more valuable use of natural resources and greatly reduced ecological

impact among other technological benefits. Although there is currently no standardized

comprehensive definition for Sustainable Technology (such as the SIC code), there are

 three important characteristics that define a Sustainable Technology:



Dematerializiation and efficiency

The technology enables significant savings in terms of use of amounts of materials and energy.



The technology enables a shift from:

(i) non-renewable resources (energy and material) to renewable ones,

(ii) non-biodegradable or persistent materials/chemicals to bio-degradable ones

(iii) ecosystem consuming extractive systems to renewing and restorative ones.



The technology prevents emissions, contamination and/or negative environmental impact.











"The Stone Age didn’t end

for lack of stone, and the

oil age will end long before

the world runs out of oil."


Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani






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